Christmas and New year Sprouts

Christmas and New year Sprouts

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They’re the Marmite of the festive season, but you can’t forget the Christmas Brussels sprouts. We’ve put together a tip that might just convert a few doubters into diners this Christmas.

Love them or hate them, it wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the Christmas Brussels sprouts. Not much is known about the origin of the humble sprout, or even whether they originated in Brussels, but there have been records of them found around Belgium since the 13th century.

Christmas and new year Sprouts

Here at the Riverbank bar and Bistro, Bideford we haven’t really been around since the 13th century, but here is one big tip.. We are serving them all over the Christmas and mew year period. You know it isn’t Christmas without the humble sprout!


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Xmas sprouts at The River bank bar & Bistro Bideford


Come and have some festive cheer!


Other vegetables are available.